Thursday, January 15, 2015

Upcoming new features in January

We're upgrading SendMyAd and Virtual Publisher on Sunday, January 18th with a redesigned interface and many new features and fixes.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Virtual Publisher Niche Media Webinar

This week Niche Media and Blanchard Systems came together to show users how they use Virtual Publisher to plan and produce their magazines.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27 2014 Upgrade

Virtual Publisher

  • Official Editorial Page Manager Plugin Release 1.0
  • Redesigned clipboard to make more visual space.
  • New highly customizable clipboard tables, including custom field widths and sticky field headers.
  • New option to default to "All Pages" in book plan view user preferences.  
  • "Inserts in wrong position" message improved to simplify the process of finding problematic inserts.
  • Revision number can now be seen in the editorial thumb list view.
  • When last publisher approval is done to the last page of an editorial file, the parent editorial will automatically be set to complete.
  • When dragging editorials which are less than one page on top of one another, the option to swap editorials will now appear.
  • Added option to bulk lock and unlock multiple editorials coverage at one time. This can be seen in the editorials list action menu.
  • Better color pickers in many areas of the site. New color picker makes use of a smaller specific set of colors. This makes colors easier to assign and remember.
  • New footer in book plan view make information easier to read.
  • Book plan pagination system moved into new footer at bottom for better screen use.
  • New pdf/jpg icon on page revisions helps users see if their revision is a jpg or pdf.
  • New book plan filters added to see Editorials Only or Ads Only.
  • Position tag placement rules can now be setup to warn the user instead of rejecting. Previously only rejecting the move was an option.
  • Ladder view now supports adding plan comments for manual tracking of plan changes.
  • New option in publisher settings added to auto highlight swapped ads. This can be useful for seeing which ads have been recently swapped.


  • New Ad creator feature. Added ability for publisher to control frame stroke width and background color of uploaded ad creator templates.
  • New option allows publishers to change the default recommended action for files which failed trim. Previously the only suggested action for advertisers was to trim the file using the online trim tool. It is now possible to set the recommendation to "Auto Center", "Trim" or "Make No Suggestion".


  • Snapshot plan now accounts for inserts and gatefolds, this was causing some snapshots to be clipped off at the bottom.
  • Fixed Virtual Publisher display bug when section runs to left page of signature split in plan view.
  • An ad's running issues can no longer be edited after an ad is complete.
  • Fixed plan snapshot bugs.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 2nd Upgrade


  • New ability to control gutter safety values on spread ad specifications.
  • New ability to create and manage digital ad reservations. Just like print ads, digital ads can now be reserved through the "Reserve an Insertion" menu option.
  • New SMA Billing dashboard for publishers. New view shows publisher present ad past bill details. Proper rights are required to view this.
  • New Master approval option allows some approvals to override all others. This can be seen as a new checkbox in the approval forms.

Virtual Publisher

  • New option to allow only one user to edit plans at a time. This new option can be turned on in the company profile and allows only one user to edit a plan at a time.
  • New advanced vp page view allows for better revision comparison and more content accurate zooming.
  • New option to add 2 or more empty pages to any portion of a virtual publisher plan. 
  • Status view option added to magazine browser based viewer.
  • Added new folio label type which can auto fill all empty labels.
  • Added ability to drag files from desktop directly to VP editorial pages while in editorial details view.
  • Added more help descriptions to ad import form including display of how field selectors work.
  • Editorial history details are now more accurate and show more information.
  • New VP production report shows production related plan data.
  • New options added to inserts to count them as editorial or ad. These numbers are now reflected as true coverage counts in the plan.
  • Paging buttons added to the following list views: Tablet Ads, Digital ad campaigns, VP Images, Users list
  • Added new editorial shapes to match all available ad spec shapes.
  • Added new option to ad pickup import problem screen to convert the current ad to a new ad. This will allow ads which have multiple pickup options to be converted to a new ad as needed.
  • Read only VP plans now allow read only viewing of page details.
  • New editorial thumbs list view makes it easier to see editorial pages. 
  • New option to manually adjust ad and edit percentage coverages. This allows publisher to alter the reported ad and editorial numbers, so they can be printed in the reports.
  • Inserts can now be included in the ad percentage or the editorial percentage on the edit insert form. 
  • Editorial assignment system now accepts a single user or group. Includes new configurable email template.
  • Note borders can now be colored.
  • Publications now support a margin field value. This will apply the supplied margin to all merged pages.
  • Added ability to see VP plan snippet details and rename them.
  • Magazine viewer now supports zooming on pages by double clicking them.
  • New check added in VP book plan to ensure inserts are always at signature breaks. This prevents inserts from accidentally being placed in the wrong position after re-signaturing is done.

General Features

  • Change to notification system interface. All user's notification details can now be seen under the user details view. This now makes it easy to control and see exactly what notifications a user will get.


  • Story reflow fixes. Story flow now supports extremely complex flows.
  • Fixed bug in indesign template ad spec creation, when name had quotes in it.
  • Many fixes in regionalization refreshing
  • Several small fixes to the performance of dropped single and split spreads in VP
  • Fixed bug with run list and plan view not showing inserts positioned on front and back side of book
  • Publisher approvals no longer alert approver for confirmation on screen.
  • When new plans are created in VP, all physical editorial files are no longer copied to the new plan when the plan is a copy. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2nd Upgrade


  • New signature features
    • Swap 2 signatures
    • Restack signatures to front of book.
    • New drag and drop re-order of sigs. Just grab the preview bar and start moving.
    • New tool tip on sig preview helps show more details.
    • New click on empty signatures in sig preview to fill.
    • New missing signatured pages count on signature preview area.
  • New "Ad Types" tab added in plan details view.
    • Option to colorize items by ad type and count ad types by "paid for"
    • New production report which counts ad type details.
  • New snippets bin area tab on clipboard allows selection of items to be placed in a temporary holding bin for moving
  • New pagination setup for vp pages. All pages are now broken into 100 page sections. Users can still see all pages by selecting the "All" option. This speeds large plans up and reduces scrolling. Users may also choose to change the amount of pages per screen in the plan settings area.
  • New ads expiring report shows ads expiring over next 90 days.
  • New ability to remove un-transfered or erroneous deliveries from the VP delivery list view.
  • New report visible after CVS ad list import which shows a list of unaffected ads in the issue. 
  • New options added on CSV ad import
    • New pickup treatment options:
      • Skip adding pickups, create new ads.
      • Always use first pickup found even if there are more than one found.
      • If 2 or more pickups are found for one ad create a temporary ad. This new option creates a temporary ad with the label PICKUP PROBLEM. This ad, when selected will show a new interface allowing the user to choose which ad is supposed to be the pickup.
    • Ad types are now supported on the CSV import
    • Advertiser emails are now supported on the CSV import
    • Agency emails are now supported on the CSV import
  • Many enhancements to prevent crashing of the ipad magazine viewer.
  • New option in ad creator templates to reorder data labels on form.
  • New advanced plan action to scan plan for errors in advanced plan actions. This will inform the user of several different potential problems with the plan.
  • New ability to select / unselect all ad spec delivery destinations for a single publication in the ad specification delivery filters area. 
  • New SendMyAd digital ad reservations system.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 17th Upgrade

(Minor Release)

This release of the software was a quick follow up to the June 2nd release and contains mostly speedups and fixes to existing issues.


Virtual Publisher

Features / Fixes

  • Ads which are placed in inserts now show as "placed in insert", in the clipboard parent plan's clipboard.
  • Multiple plan speed ups, dragging and dropping should be more responsive.
  • Fixed bug where items that were shifted off end of big disappeared.
  • New filter drop down added in VP plan history view allows users to see better historical information.
  • Added more information to plans which are locked due to missing info.
  • Fixed bug where inserts were locked when promoting plan to production.
  • Added warning about signatures which reference color profiles that have been removed.
  • Description field added to edit insert forms.
  • Can now download previous image revisions.
  • Can now see all historical work items when toggling image revisions.
  • Added ability to remove previous image revision


Features / Fixes

  • Ad creator help fields now support html and html links.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2nd Upgrade


Virtual Publisher

  • New image viewer includes completely redesigned viewing experience 
    • Image viewer allows multiple revisions to be viewed at once.
    • Better zoom and fit tools
    • Toggle work items on and off
  • CSV import defaults added. Users can now save their csv settings as the default for all subsequent imports. This saves the user time in not having to remap import settings each time.
  • CSV data imports now limited to 250 rows for better memory management.  This prevents memory timeouts.
  • New option on ad specification form to set as a default for ad reservation creation and csv import.
  • Signature report have been enhanced and now shows more information and document format saves as excel file format.
  • Signature details can now have ship dates assigned to them. This information can also be seen in the signature report download.
  • Addition of the ability to set dynamic ad types and count them as ads and or chargeable ads. This is also useful for reporting information.
  • New iPad viewer signin screen for better user experience and better overall memory management.
  • Enhanced shift book system to support shifting a range of pages. Makes moving bulk pages easier.
  • Image portal retention system created to allow publishers to manage image disk space and to be notified when image disk is getting too large. 
  • Better error messages, when a file has low level issues like corruption, it is now easier to know what went wrong.
  • Issue code can now be entered on the add issue form.


  • Ad Creator now has several new field management options.
    • Option to show ad category selector and require it on upload.
    • Option to show the sales rep selector and require it on upload.
    • Option to hide the advertiser field
  • New brand field available on ad forms
  • Printers can now access an affiliate report and see a list of publisher accounts.
  • New "Can edit print ad" right added to allows publishers to prevent users from editing ads.
  • New "Can see pricing data" right added to allow publishers to prevent users from seeing financial data.
Page Manager Plugin
  • Page Manager plugin 1.6.26 released. 
  • Fixes bugs with preview uploads
  • Now supports edition selection when page has regional editions.