Monday, February 1, 2016

January 31 Release

January 31 Release Notes


  • New easier to user lists for group details and approvals details views.
  • New Blanchard Systems branding applied system level outgoing emails.
  • Fixed bug that was causing some kindle fire tablet previews to look blurry.
  • Can now warn in ad creator ads for dpi or color space.

Virtual Publisher

  • Editorial list view now has assigned filter.
  • New VP Dashboard information
    •  You can now see publication level numbers by selecting a publication and no issue in the dashboard.
    • You can now see company level numbers by selecting no publication and no issue in the dashboard.
  • Net Cost and Rate field added to Run list view.
  • Option to reject and comment on added editorial tasks.
  • New company preference to not fill merged ads with white background. See "Auto fill ads with white background when merging." in your company profile. This option will allow you to place transparent ads directly on to editorial pages and if the ad has a transparent background, it will keep it.
  • New user preference to show weights in grams instead of pounds.
  • New recalculate editions buttons shows up when publication has editions.
  • Draggable guides now available in the merge tool.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7 Release Notes

December 7 Release Notes

Send My Ad:

  • Auto split speads can now have custom heights defined for the split children.
  • Users can now filter the main ad list view by non-ad creator ads. This makes it easier to see only uploaded pdf ads.
  • Ad Creator : It is now possible to set ad creator fields to not require a max character limit.
  • Ad Creator : Added support for international phone number formatting. (E.164 Standard)

Virtual Publisher:

  • New flashless merge tool is much faster and no longer requires adobe flash to run.
  • A/B Splits are now supported on ads.
  • Gatefolds were renamed to "Special Signatures".
  • We've added the ability to have custom sized run plans based on regionalization.
  • Special signatures (previously gate folds) can now be placed on top of one another and contain multiple per signature.
  • Better load balanced delivery servers. We now have twice as many delivery servers. This means less time waiting on files to deliver.
  • New auto deadline system allows users to setup dynamic style deadlines which feed off of previous deadlines.
  • New ad based deadlines can be added in the deadline manager.
  • TASKS: The page details view tasks can now be filtered to show all completed tasks.
  •  New insert type labelled outsert. This is a piece of content usually in a poly bag.
  • Instructions field added to the Runlist view.
  • New option in vp page display settings to show the editorial's or ad's section on the book plan page display.
  • Proposed folio field added to VP bulk ad csv import form.

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 25th Release Notes


  • New Feature: Auto stamp content items on advertisements when the advertiser approves the ad. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in learning more about this.
  • Flash plugin is no longer required to use SMA.
  • New trim tool is much faster and no longer requires flash.
  • Ability to quickly change background color on ads view the views button at the bottom. 
  • New publisher only option to move an ad to different publication and issue before it is completed.
  • New optional ad form item "Combo Ad". 
  • Issue lists in the ad upload form now match the same sorting as the ad list view issues dropdown filter.
  • Issues list view can now be customized to not show hours minutes and seconds.



  • Ability to quickly change background color on pages view the views button at the bottom.
  • Editorial Reservations can now be added without an issue.
  • Inserts can now be seen directly in the magazine viewer and invitations can be sent from it. 
  • Position notes metadata field added to editorial details.
  • New feature to import 50 states list into vp regions


  • New ad rate field option added to VP run list report

Editorial Planning 

  • New ability to remove sections from the VP editorial plan and not effect other editorial plans and issues.
  • New option to set the order of editorial plan items.
  • Change sections feature allows users to change the editorial plan item's section.  
  • Planned Editorials can now be linked to pre-exisiting editorial reservations. This is useful if the editorial reservation was created separately from the planned editorial. 
  • Editorial approvals can now auto-time stamp specific planned editorial deadlines. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31 Release Notes

Virtual Publisher

  • Big update to the editorial plan view. New features include. 
    • Sticky column headers.
    • Collapsible column section
    • Editorial plan history view
    • Columns resizable and remembered between logins
  • New option to add or remove whole groups from approval lists.
  • Magazine viewer invitations can have an expiration associated with them. Default is 3 days.
  • Bug fix in plan snapshots allows more rows on a single page for some magazine trim sizes.


  • Files can now be delivered directly from the assets area in the left panel.
  • Enhancements to the ad details view allow for better zooming and dragging.
  • Big speed boost in ad advanced searches.
  • Softproofing now uses 100% html5 viewer.
  • New option to add or remove whole groups from approval lists.
  • Ad creator now uses all html to view and edit data.
  • Ad creator edit image screen enhanced to be more user friendly.
  • New brand and product auto-suggest allows advertisers and publisher to use the same naming conventions for brands over and over.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12 Release Notes

Virtual Publisher & SendMyAd

  • Added several new fields to the issue details area and changed the edit issue interface to support more sectioned data.
    • Added Issue Theme Text Field
    • Added Issue Circulation Text Field
    • Added Printer Drop down. Allows selection of who is printing the issue.
  • New Task and Notes drawing tool speeds up drawing notes on ads and editorials by allowing the user to draw the shapes directly on to the ad or page.
  • 3 New Reports Added
    • New VP "Ads and Editorials Run List" report shows all ads and editorials. This new report can be found in the reports download area.
    • New VP "Ads Only Run List" report shows all ads and inserts. This new report can be found in the reports download area.
    • New advertiser by publication report available in Virtual Publisher and SendMyAd. This new report allows publishers to see a list of advertiser companies by publication and an active ad count.
  • New VP feature to save a plan as a version. You can now save each vp plan up to 2 times. Each saved version creates a new set of editorials for each version.
  • New Dialog Softproof HTML 5 based version.
  • New option in force form fill item in publisher approvals allows the forcing of a format to be phone number or url.
  • New Virtual Publisher feature to plan editorials before they are created. This new system also manages editorial deadlines and editorial budget. 

    Monday, June 1, 2015

    June 1st Release Notes

    Virtual Publisher

    • New ad category merge action allows users to merge ad categories together and update them automatically on all connected ads.
    • Added new option for VP production users to see editorial pages which are removed. 


    • Moved media profiles to left menu for digital ad. This makes the list easy to download and search.
    • New ability to auto split multi page spreads with more than 2 pages.
    • Digital ad url enhancement allows for click and product url validation.
    • Print ad upload url validation added and placement holder text to better guide users.
    • New option to choose "No Product Url" in print ad upload forms. This can be found in the "print ad upload form settings" of your company profile.
    • New DFT PDF feature allows publishers to upload and preflight RGB PDFs designed for tablet and mobile applications. For more information please inquire at 
    • New option to bypass split file approvals added to the company profile.
    • New multi-page spread splitting system allows for ads to be split across multiple pages.

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    April 26 Release Notes

    Virtual Publisher

    • New option for sorting issues by open and closed: This option can be setup in the publisher company profile under virtual publisher settings. It will sort issues in the plan view by open and then closed, showing the closed items in gray.
    • New option on plan creation to not use a cover signature: This is good for publications or issues which do not use a cover signature. This option can be changed at any time in the plan details view.
    • Advanced file viewer is now visible on all plan views: You can now view spreads and all plan view pages in the advanced file view system. This allows better visual control of your pages and ads.
    • New editorial clipboard filters: There are 2 new options in the editorial clipboard which allow you to see both placed and unplaced editorials in the plan.
    • New option to see inserts less than 8 pages on plans: There is a new setting in the plan display options which allows users to see all pages of the insert in the plan as long as it is 8 pages or less. This option makes it easier to see the content of your insert. Please note the insert is read only in the plan view and cannot be dragged to or from.
    • Coupon enhancement: Coupon issues are now scanned real time and will show a red bar over the pages of concern. 
    • New help videos added! VP Quickstart, adding a publication and adding an issue.
    • Change in plan editorial details view: The editorial details view now shows only the pages with the editorial on it. Before it would show all pages in between the start and end of the editorial.  
    • New enhancements to book shifter functions: Book shifter now includes ability to shift content forward and backward will auto fixing signatures.
    • New option to remove pages and decrease book plan size: This can be seen on any page menu.

    Editorial Manager Plugin

    •  We now support syncing notes down to the active document in the page manager plugin. This allows users to see notes entered in VP pages, directly on their documents as a layer.


    • New brand list in advertiser customer detail view: You can now see your customer's brand details by clicking customers -> companies -> company details and on the right there will be a list of brands and products your customers have entered in past ads.
    • New option to force a form fill on publisher approvals: You can now setup publisher approvals and force users to fill any form item before they are allowed to approve the cycle. This can be setup in Publication or publisher details -> approval cycles -> the approval cycle details form -> Fill Form Action
    • Advanced file viewer is now visible on all ads: This new viewer allows finer control of the visual ad display than the previous viewer. This viewer included zoom in, zoom out, fit and more.
    • New option to create CT/Vector file in ad size form: This option allows greater control in the ad size detail form so that CT/Vectors are only created when you need them.
    • New enhanced spread view: The new spread details view allows you to see all of your spread details including splits in one single view.
    • New approvals and rejections report: This new report can be found on the dashboard and shows all approvals and rejections for a publication.

    SendMyAd Tablet Ads

    • New option to turn off EFT Tablet ads: This is helpful if you do not wish to receive EFT tablet ads.

    SendMyAd Digital Ads

    •  New ability to create ad reservations for Digital Ads: If you have the digital ad portal option, you can now create digital ad reservations.

    Minor Features/Updates

    • Google DFP API updated to v201502
    • New field, "Has Reservation" in VP Ad Clipboard list view
    • We increased the requirement for Internet Explorer to be 9 or above, from 8.