Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Hotfixes August 31 2017

Release notes for Aug 31 hot fixes

Signature, Supplied Item changes

  • VP: Signatures tab renamed to "Signatures & Inserts". All inserts are now managed from this list.
  • VP: Supplied Items tab renamed to "Onserts & Polybags". This list now contains only items running outside of the book.
  • VP: Inserts now show in book plan as all pages by default. Old style inserts will still exist but are being phased out.
  • VP: Inserts are draggable on the book plan by grabbing the name label.
  • VP: Inserts are now shown as starting on page, instead of starting after page. We found that publishers think in placement term as "In the fold". This means our previous form setups of placing inserts "After a page" were wrong and confusing.
  • VP Polybags and wraps now show extra information on the form like:
    • Creation Date
    • Created By User
    • Last Update
    • Thickness
    • Weight
  • VP: Support for offline option in polybags, wraps and onserts
  • VP: Support for include percent forward to adjust the percentages on the plan to include in the percentage counting or not.
  • VP: New option to override the page numbering for specific inserts without effecting the main plan folio numbers.

Edition System Changes

  • New inline id field added to the edition list view. This id can be used to identify unique books by their content.
  • Changes to the edition calculation engine to support compacting region markets into the distribution region when possible.
  • Changes to the edition calculation engine to support demographics breaking single editions out for states or local markets.
  • Easier to manage regions list per plan by clicking on whole row

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30 Release Notes

Virtual Publisher Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Demographic support
    • Demographic support for inserts, onserts, special sigs, ads and edit. (Ads and Edit will need your review, im sure it is not perfect yet)
    • Demographic rules system added for exclusive, not exclusive etc
    • Demographic combination rules support for running with or without specific demo.
    • Bulk set data option available for demographics list.
  • Enhanced Regions support
    • Distribution Regions: This is a new type of region that dictates how zip codes are handled in the given region zone. This is the new top level region required to support multi-level regionalization.
    • Distribution categories added for (us subs, can subs, etc). The distribution category also further defines which postal code set to use. 
    • Postal code management for Canada and US
      • Support for 3 digit and 5 digit codes
      • Can add and remove by whole state
  • Editions and Regions:
    • New Editions list: We moved the editions tab from the book plan details to the left menu. This makes it more possible to see final data and reports related to editions.
    • Regions for the issue are now managed in the "Regional Books" tab. It is assumed that all regions running will be used that are selected from the master region profile list. This list is also manageable per issue as before it was not.
    • Better display of missing regions on page details views
    • New notice on page details if parent page is found to be in a special signature or insert that is already regionalized. This helps the user not have to add more regions when the parent signature is already regional.
    • Regional globe icon now shows up on regionalized signatures at the top of the page near the name of the signature. This helps the user know that the signature is regionalized. 
  • Mail enhancements 
    • Mail classes can be setup on inserts and onserts
    • Mail weights are now counted by class and shown on the editions list view.
  • Press Manager Area:
    • Can now create and manage presses
  • Press Forms Area:
    • Can create and manage press forms
  • Reports
    • Changes to Book Reports -> Manufacturing Report, to support new press forms as the field name field.
    • New book reports custom report creation tool. This is a beta release but you can now create your own custom reports out of book plan data. More enhancements will come to this later.
    • Rights can be assigned to view each available book report in VP.
    • New press forms area added to the bottom of the "Manufacturing Report".
    • New configuration option in book reports to hide the top "Information" area of the report.
    • New editorial placements report available in Left menu -> "Reports" list view.
    • New Editions -> CDS Summary Report
    • New Editions -> CDS Weights Report
    • Coming Soon -> CDS Regions & Demographics Report 
  • Paper Splits Area 
    • In the signature details users can now add paper splits to a signature. 
    • Paper split information is displayed in some reports.
    • Warning displays now when paper split is not covering all available regions
  • Flipped positions in book support:
    • Magazine viewer now supports flipped pages
    • Several display bugs were fixed.
  • Special Inserts
    • This is a new area in which you can add inserts from the signature list view. Special inserts always show in the main book plan, unlike the old style inserts. 
    • Special inserts always show up in the full run of the book. You do not have to open an extra plan to see the insert details anymore when using this feature.
  • Signatures
    • Signatures now have a standard default color applied for easier identification of the signature's architecture. 
      • Dark blue = cover
      • Light blue = body
      • Floating Square = insert
      • Floating Rounded Square = special signature
    •  Signature preview bar now shows inserts and special signatures as floating above the run of the book unless the pages are set to run in the normal flow.
  • Inserts
    • Inserts and Insert Templates can now have customized colors for better identification.
  • File Delivery
    • There are 2 new file delivery tags. 
      • ZIndex - This option allows the delivered file name to have a numeric indication of placement in a vertical stack of files found on a single page. This can be useful when one or more items are stacked on top of each other on a single page.
      • ZindexAlpha - this option allows the delivered file name to have an alpha indication (like A,B,C) in a vertical stack of files found on a single page. 
  • Custom Page Sizes
    • When setting a custom page size from the actions menu in VP, the opposing side of the page will now be automatically set to the same size. 
  • Ad Reservations
    • New option to create custom ad sizes is available. These custom ad sizes can be created at the time of creation of the ad reservation in VP. This allows the user to not have to choose an ad specification.
    • New option to drag jpg previews directly on to ad reservations in the ad reservation details view. This allows users to show an ad preview for ads that do not or will not have a corresponding pdf uploaded later. 
    • New option in the actions menu of ad reservations to duplicate the ad reservation.

SendMyAd Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Ad list view support for seeing custom meta data. If you have custom metadata fields added, you can now see this info in the ad list view
  • Created new checkbox on the ad size details to allow a publisher to make it available for publishers only. This is good for in house ad specs that are not to be visible to advertisers.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hotfix Feature Release May 09 2017

  • New feature allows publisher users to drag & drop ad (JPG or PNG) previews directly on to ad reservations in Virtual Publisher
  • New SMA and VP file delivery tags added for 
    • SpreadSideCode
    • ColorProfileName
    • ColorProfileCode 
  • Fixed bug in VP weight calculator causing some reports to show 0 on weights.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hotfix Features Release

Some new features have been released!

  • VP book plans can now have custom size settings. This allows publishers to run a custom sized issue of the magazine. Please make sure to also setup your ad size shapes to work in the new trim size.
  • SMA issues can control which ad sizes are to be used for a given issue. This feature requires that you have the setting "Allow only one issue per ad" turned on. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30th 2017 Release Notes

Virtual Publisher & SendMyAd

  • Company Profile moved from the left menu to top right menu profile menu. Please look for this in the top right of your screen.
  • Ad Details View: Users can now see ad status and filename on spread ads which have been split. More details have been added to the small thumbnail at the bottom of the spread split view.
  • Added publisher setting to skip spread split re-approval of split children if parent spread is approved before split.
  • Print Ads and Ad Reservations position tags area has been moved from an accordion style form item to a drop-down + tag type form item. This form item was different on the the ad reservation form than the print ad details, now they are both the same interface.
  • Issue Reports can now be downloaded as excel spread sheets and keep the report's styling.

Virtual Publisher

  • Regions: Regions for each item can now be managed from a single checklist style editor. This option is better for customers with large region lists and demographics. You can turn this interface on in your company profile -> Virtual Publisher Settings.
  • Markets: (Beta) New Demographics option has been added to the left menu
  • Signatures: Cover signatures larger than 4 pages now have the option to set the front side page count. Previously we only supported stacking all but 2 pages on the front side of the cover.
  • Signatures: Can now see supplied items in the signature manager list view. This helps users know where their insert falls in the signature.
  • Signatures: Can now create snapshots of selected signatures list.
  • Signatures: Special signatures can now be run as book covers, in order, or saddle style.
  • Signatures: Special signatures can now have custom trim sizes. This allows the user to run a section of the book as a different size than the rest of the book plan.
  • Signatures: New option to change more than one signature's data at a time. Using the bulk set option in the actions menu allows the user to set multiple values at a time on signatures. (More of these will be coming to vp)
  • Reports: New page content list report in VP reports view shows a list of all of the contents for each book plan.
  • Reports: New manufacturing report in book reports
  • Reports: New report configuration editor for book reports. Users can now change the reports to download as filename and have custom column order and displays.
  • Rights: New VP right added to allow control over who can delivery pages out of VP
  • Book Plan: New option to run a portion of the book as flipped over and backward reading.
  • Book Plan: Clipboard tab selection, scroll position and sorting are now remembered. This makes the user experience smoother.
  • Book Plan: Faster more precise drag and drop system. The new drag and drop planning system should visibly speed VP planning up. 
  • VP Book Plan: Less obnoxious plan warnings. New plan warning system shows a warning icon in the toolbar. Before it would show a popup constantly until the problem was dealt with.
  • Warnings include: Signature overlap and underlap, Positional coverage problems, inserts not at signature split.
  • VP Book Plan: New warnings for files found in the plan with coverage issues.
  • Magazine Viewer: Magazine viewer invitation system now supports multiple emails per invitation.


  • Print Ad List View: New option to bulk deliver completed SMA ads from the ad list view for publishers only.
  • Print Ad List View: New filter option to show only ads that have no reservations "Materials Only". This is useful for figuring out which ads do not have merged ad reservations.
  • Print Ad List View: Increase ads per page count to 200.
  • Pickups: New option to keep pickup status the same as the source when picking up. This option allows publishers to bypass re-approval of pickups. Notice: This option is only available if the pickup is not reprocessed in any way.
  • New option to change the date which the ad uses to calculate due date. This new option can be found in the publication details and allows publishers to change the base date that the ad due date is calculated from.

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 15th Release Notes

Virtual Publisher

  • Regions are now managed via profiles instead of per issue. VP users will now see a new option to select a region profile set for their current plan. This new option will allow publishers greater flexibility when reusing sets of regions from issue to issue. If your plan does not use regions, this will not effect you. If you do use regions, users should go to plan details and select a region profile.
  • Regions lists are now importable and exportable to CSV format.
  • The "Inserts" tab in plan details has been changed to "Supplied Items". We felt like the word inserts was to inclusive of items found in the book when in fact the list has always contained both inserts and onserts.
  • New demographics and attached mail system, allows publishers to manage demographics and attached mail on VP book plans. This new system comes complete with weight and thickness calculations for onsert items and poly bagging.
  • Much better supplied item templates system. The supplied item templates now support much more enhanced features for managing supplied items such as inserts, onserts, polybags, and other attached mail types.
  • New regional book list tab in the VP plan details. This new tab shows a complete list of regionalized plans with circulation counts, thicknesses and weights.
  • New final editions tab. This new tab adds functionality to combine both the regionalized book plans with the demographic items and poly bags of the book to create and maintain a final list of magazine editions.
  • Change to the regionalization calculation. There has been a big change under the hood of VP and how we handle regionalized books. In previous versions of VP, we only generated regional versions of the book plan once an item with a region was placed on the plan. The new version of the software will now auto generate regional editions of the books based on the full list of regions selected in the region profile option in the plan details form.
  • Special signatures now supports perfect and saddle style specification independent of the parent book plan.
  • Special signatures now supports input for front page count and back pages count for saddle style signatures.
  • Special signatures now support more custom label styles like "Alpha","Numeric" and "Roman Numeral"
  • Special signature markers can now be seen on the book plan view. Previously no signature separation markers could be seen.
  • Execution Type field added to Supplied items, Signatures and Special Signatures. This new option will allow users to define how items are tipped into the book at their position.
  • New user avatar system allows users to upload photos of themselves or avatars to make the application more user friendly.
  • VP Plan display settings moved from top right menu to the plan actions menu.
  • New left menu for VP Reports. We have been getting a lot of requests for VP specific reports and more visual reports, so we've added a new book reports view that shows downloadable reports in a list view.
  • Tasks can be shown or hidden when viewing the book plan magazine viewer.
  • Supplied items on the book plan now show a nice tool tip with details.
  • Issues can now have custom metadata added to them. We've received several requests to allow custom metadate to be printed on the issue details form, VP and SMA now support this feature in the publication details setup form.
  • Several new metadata tracking fields have been added to the book plan details
    • LAP
    • Grind Off: Area that is ground off the spine of a pre-bound piece.
    • Head Trim: Area that is trimmed off at the top of a piece during the binding process.
    • Job Number:A custom job number that can be included for printing purposes.
    • Total Circulation: The total run of book circulation.


  • New avatar system allows users to upload photos of themselves or avatars to make the application more user friendly.
  • Issues can now have custom metadata added to them. We've received several requests to allow custom metadate to be printed on the issue details form, VP and SMA now support this feature in the publication details setup form.

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 28th Release notes



  • New reports list view makes finding and viewing reports easier.

Book Planning

  • New ability to set a single page size in a plan to a custom size. This can be found in the page details action menu and can be used to produce single custom page sizes.
  • New type of percentages data can now be viewed on the vp book plan footer. This can be setup from the plan display details in the top right corner.
  • Magazine viewer now shows section labels on the page display.
  • Magazine viewer now shows special signatures.
  • Special signatures now support front and back side feature for saddle stitched book plans.
  • New user right added to allow or disallow users from creating plan versions.
  • Special signature support added to VP book plan ladder view.
  • Users can create multiple editorials on a book plan at a time.
  • Users can now create multiple ad reservations on a book plan at a time.
  • VP Runlist view has been converted to a fixed header table and the totals and header fields can now always be seen when scrolling.

Book Production 

  • Selected Edition can now be used in the file delivery path when delivering VP plan pages.

Editorial Management

  • Editorial details view now has a new view menu at the bottom right. This new menu allows users to see 3 new options when viewing editorials. Shape, Shape and preview and Preview only. This is handy for seeing story shapes once the actual preview has come into partial page stories.
  • Editorial list view can now be edited in bulk. This will save editors a lot of time. 
  • Editorial Assignment users in the editorial details view can now be searched for in the drop down details.

Editorial Planning

  • Users can now add custom fields to the editorial planning view. 
  • Row heights can be set on the editorial planning view.


  • Issue reports enhancements including live filtering by time and deadline types.
  • Send ad view now has search inside of publication drop down. We have done away with the old search input field and combined it into the publication drop down.
  • All select drop downs in the site have been re-skinned using a better technology.
  • New company level setting added allowing publishers to hide old issues from all views x number of days after the issue's run date.
  • Added a new notification email that can be sent when the advertiser changes the issue on any ad.
  • Publisher dashboard now moved to statistics view in left menu.
  • Publisher dashboard Tabs now moved to left menu items for easier access.

Ad Creator 

  • Ad creator ads now have XMP job ticket when they are delivered or downloaded.